Proudly Supporting Walk to Remember 2024

“Following up from our Walk to Remember event last Saturday, we just wanted to take the opportunity to say a sincere thanks to you for taking part.” Sarah King (The Matthew Project)

The Beyond Group were happy and proud to sponsor the Matthew Project fundraiser this year. The Walk to Remember fundraiser was completed Saturday 2nd March 2024 and helped the charity raise funds to continue its valuable work.

The Matthew Project dedicates its efforts to empowering both young individuals and adults, offering essential support to navigate and overcome challenges associated with drugs, alcohol, and mental health. Through their comprehensive services, the organization aims to facilitate a more fulfilling life for those in need. Additionally, The Matthew Project extends specialized assistance to family members affected by the substance misuse of their loved ones and provides dedicated support for veterans.

Within its broad spectrum of services, The Matthew Project focuses on individuals struggling with issues related to drugs or alcohol, those at risk of exploitation in County lines activity, and individuals contending with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem challenges. Furthermore, the organization reaches out to those facing barriers in education, employment, and training.

In addition to their general services, The Matthew Project has established specialized initiatives. One such initiative involves support programs run by veterans specifically designed for their fellow veterans dealing with drug and alcohol issues, including those living with PTSD. Moreover, the organization offers assistance tailored to family members who find themselves isolated and impacted by the drug and alcohol issues of their loved ones. Through its holistic approach, The Matthew Project strives to address the diverse needs of its community and contribute to positive transformations in individuals’ lives.

For more information regarding the Matthew Project, please visit their website at:

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