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What is Financial Administration?

As a solicitor, I would administer my client’s affairs using their power of attorney by acting on their behalf and making decisions in their best interests. I would gather information about their financial, legal, and personal affairs, including their assets, debts, income, expenses, and any ongoing legal matters or obligations. Based on this information, I would then make decisions on my client’s behalf, such as managing their finances, paying bills, and making investments.

Who is Financial Administration for?

Historically it is common to believe that only the older members of our society might require assistance with the running of the finances. In reality, anyone could require assistance to manage their finances and this could happen at any point in their lives. This requirement could come about due to a sudden injury or illness, via the issues that some people face as they get older or merely because someone chooses that they would like assistance with various matters.

What are the benefits of Financial Administration?

The benefits of this service are to ensure that a client does not get themselves into unnecessary trouble by doing things like forgetting to pay bills, not undertaking food shopping, neglecting themselves, not picking up medication or accessing the correct benefits or care that they require and a whole raft of other benefits.

How much does Financial Administration cost?

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