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I provide various legal services to the highest standards. Take a look at the services I offer below. Click learn more to see more about the services you’re interested in.

From £1,750+VAT+ Court Fee of £371.

A Deputyship order is needed when an individual lacks the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves and has not previously made an LPA.

From £400+VAT+ Court Fee of £82/document

Feel safe and secure with an LPA; a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows someone to appoint one or more individuals to make decisions on their behalf if they become unable to do so themselves

Hourly Basis or Bespoke Care Pack at £800+VAT

I can advise on the different types of care that are available to you or your loved ones. This may include residential care, nursing care, home care or daycare.

Hourly Basis

I can advise you or your loved ones on the benefits you are eligible for. I also advise on any potential risks or downsides of claiming certain benefits, such as the impact on their tax or benefits in the future.

From £300+VAT

It is important to have a valid and up-to-date will in place in order to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away.

Hourly Basis

As a solicitor, I would administer my client’s affairs using their Power of Attorney by acting on their behalf and making decisions in their best interest, such as managing their finances, paying bills, and making investments.

Hourly Basis

A trust is a powerful legal arrangement that allows individuals to safeguard and manage their assets for the benefit of themselves or others.

From £300+VAT

If your loved one left a valid Will, our probate services are tailored to streamline the process. We assist the named executor in applying for probate, gathering and valuing assets, settling debts and taxes, and ultimately distributing the estate according to the wishes outlined in the Will.