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What is Will Writing?

A will is a legal document that outlines a person’s wishes for the distribution of their assets and property after they pass away, as well as to name guardians for any minor children, explain your funeral wishes, make provision for your pet, as well as a range of other things you may like to include in your Will.

Who is Will Writing for?

Wills are particularly useful for elderly clients, newlyweds, people with children/dependents and those who have recently purchased property, however, there are many other situations where having a Will would be a good idea. The person making the will must be of sound mind and over the age of 18, and the will must be signed in the presence of witnesses.

What are the benefits of Will Writing?

Above all, it is important to have a WIll in place in order that you are the person in control of the distribution of your estate. Other benefits include:

How much does Will Writing cost?

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