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What are Deputyship Orders?

A deputyship order is a legal order that appoints someone to make decisions on behalf of an individual who lacks the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. In the United Kingdom, deputyship orders are used when an individual has not made a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and has lost the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.

It’s worth noting that deputyship orders can be a complex and expensive legal process, and they may not always align with the individual’s wishes. For this reason, it’s generally recommended that individuals make an LPA while they still have mental capacity, in order to ensure that their wishes are taken into account if they were to lose capacity in the future.

It is also possible to obtain a deputyship order over someone’s health and wellbeing, however, these are much more rare than the financial deputyship orders.

Who are Deputyship Orders for?

Deputyship orders are usually requested by relatives or close friends of the person who needs help making decisions.

What are the benefits of Deputyship Orders?

If a person is sadly unable to grant a Lasting Power of Attorney (generally due to lack of mental capacity), it might become necessary for someone to apply to become a Court appointed Deputy. This order is Granted by the Court of Protection to a person or persons who are in the best position to assist the client who does not retain their mental capacity. The ‘Deputy’ will then administer the financial affairs of the client under the power given by the Court order. This may include running bank accounts, making payments and investments, collecting in benefits, paying utility bills and any other activity the client in question would have normally carried out if he or she retained their capacity. In many circumstances, once someone loses their mental capacity they simply cannot be left without anyone assisting them as this could lead to issues of bills not being paid and other authorities becoming involved and this generally is not a positive situation.

How much does a Deputyship Order cost?

There is also a court fee that has to be paid of £371.
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