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What is Care Fee Advice?

As a solicitor, I am able to advise a client on care fees. It’s important to explain the different options for funding care and to help the client understand the potential costs and financial implications of each option.

It is extremely important that I start by understanding their individual circumstances and needs. This may involve reviewing their financial situation, any health conditions or disabilities they have, and their preferences for the type of care they would like to receive.

Once I have a good understanding of the client’s situation, I can advise them on the different types of care that are available to them, including:

Who is Care Fee Advice for?

My legal advice on care fees may be useful to family members of the elderly, clinically vulnerable or requiring additional support.

What are the benefits of Care Fee Advice?

It is important to plan as early as possible, however, I understand this is not always possible. By ensuring you take some advice on the area of care fees I can ensure;

How much does Care Fee Advice cost?

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